Discover Why Plano Residents are the Happiest in Collin County
Oh yeah, baby, Plano is on the map and hot, hot, hot right now. Plano has been featured all over the media for this exact fact.
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Sure Plano has been featured in national publications year after year . . .

But the happiest residents have something super amazing in their homes. 

Its a towel but its not just any towel. It can do extraordinary things transforming couch potato husbands into proactive cleaning maniacs and bored children into devoted servants to the family. 

It's happening all over the entire city!! 

Suzanne Sampsons,
Proud Plano resident, Carpooler, Brownie Troop leader and non-dramatic Junior League member
"When I received my flour sack towel, my children immediately began fighting over who would dry the dishes. In a matter of two days I was able to get my 4 children to agree upon a dish drying schedule which means I will never have to do dishes again .. I  can't believe my whole life changed from one towel that my kids just loved!!"
About "The LIMITED EDITION Plano Texas Flour Sack Towel" 
So fabulous to have all of your fave go to spots in Plano. Like the Texas pool! Who else has a Texas shaped pool, right? The Shops at Legacy - love me some Mexican Sugar. Of course, we are loving the recently updated downtown Plano, I swear, it just keeps getting better and better. 
Here's what some of our HAPPY customers have to say!!! 
"When my husband saw his favorite golf course on this flour sack towel, he claimed it as his and promised to keep it cleaned, pressed and hanging perfectly on the oven door. My kitchen now looks oh-so-Pinteresting 24 hours per day" This has changed my husband from somewhat lazy to super proactive!"
Clarissa Harper
"I searched the Steinmart at Park and Preston for the perfect kitchen towel. I would wait at their door every morning at 9:55 am but now I have the Plano towel and my search is over!! I have my mornings and my life back, thank you!!"
Sallie Thompson
"I have boundless energy! I come home from elementary school and am literally bouncing off the walls. But when my Mom showed me this towel, I pleaded with her to clean all of the tables off and wash and then dry all of our dishes so I could funnel my energy into something more productive :) I love to clean and help my Mom!! It gives me more joy then cartoons and video games!"
Lulu Hunter
Letter From The Creator
Maybe you ❤️ Plano as much as I do
When I am not tearing it up on the Flowrider at Jack Carter park or mountain biking through Arbor Hills, I am getting gussied up and strolling through the Shops at Legacy or chugging down good beer at Jorg's Bavarian Grill in downtown Plano.  Oh did I say chugging? I mean sipping on my craft beer while giggling, looking picture perfect and talking to my husband about whether we should go for a run through Bob Woodruff park or take the family to Winner's BBQ. Have you been there? OMG! 

I write about my adventures here, here and here

And you'll typically seeing me during the day hunched over my laptop at one of awesome coffee shops getting caffeinated and flipping through Facebook . . . errr I mean working. Working hard, really hard  =) 

Hurry!  Only 23 flour sack towels left. When they're gone, they are gone forever 
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